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Sports and games available for betting at the bookmaker's office

1xBet provides its users with a wide range of different tournaments, sports events, matches on which you can bet and win money. Three types of classic bets can be made on all sporting events:

  1. Single - a bet on a single outcome of an event. The winning by a single bet is equal to the product of the stake sum by the odds set for the given outcome.
  2. Express - a bet on several independent outcomes of events. The winning on the express shall be equal to the product of the stake sum by the odds of all outcomes, included in the express. A loss for one of outcomes of a Parlay means a loss for the whole Parlay. Bonuses are added to some types of expresses.
  3. System - a bet on the complete combination of expresses of a certain size from the number of events selected in advance.

In addition to the classic types of bets, clients of 1xBet are also available to unusual types of betting, such as:

  1. Lucky - a special type of bet in which the player chooses three or more events and can win in all possible types of expresses and single bets on these events.
  2. Patent - the totality of all possible expresses of several events.
  3. A Chain is a bet on a set of outcomes independent from each other.
  4. Conditional bet - a bet consisting of a set of expresses or single bets independent from each other. It is possible to receive a winning from one event in a conditional bet, or from all events.
  5. Anti-Match - to win, the player needs to collect a Parlay, in which at least one event loses.
  6. Multi bet is a betting system consisting of express and single bets, which the client collects in one slip in the best combination for himself.

Only responsible betting will allow you to multiply your income and get the maximum pleasure from betting. Bookmaker has developed for its customers a few useful 1xBet betting tips for effective and enjoyable game:

  1. Before you start betting, set a limit for spending money. Especially this rule concerns beginners. Because there is a risk that the new user may not understand some subtleties and nuances of betting. But experienced players should not neglect this rule either. Because even professionals with a lot of experience can also lose a lot of money. TIP. To make a deposit on the 1xBet website, you can have a separate payment instrument (such as an e-wallet or card) with a spending limit. Thanks to this functionality, a player simply won't be able to spend more money than the limit of the payment system.
  2. To repeat the rules of a sports game, on which it is planned to make a bet, and to make sure that he understands the conditions of a particular bet. It will allow excluding the risk of wasting money.
  3. Choose bets with different odds, not focusing only on high numbers. For a stable profit it is safer to bet on those teams and sportsmen in whose victory you are sure, even if in these events the odds are not the highest.
  4. Analyze the performance of the particular team you are betting on. If a bet is made on an athlete, it is necessary to examine the overall health of the athlete, the percentage of wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses, etc. For a team event, it is also better to analyze the condition of the strongest and weakest athletes in the team. This will increase the chances of winning.
  5. Monitor the state of the odds line. The main sign that something is wrong with a bet is a sharp rise or collapse. Such an event has an outcome that is difficult to predict, so it is better not to bet money on it
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Overview of the most popular and interesting sports betting at 1xBet

A wide variety of bets on various sports is the main feature of the 1xBet betting company. The platform's arsenal includes both commonly known sports disciplines and more specific sports. We have collected the 10 most popular and profitable sports, which are most often chosen for betting by the people of India.

1. Cricket

Cricket is the most popular sports game in India, which is why it is the one on which most bets are placed. 1xBet cricket betting can be done all year round due to the large number of events. It also allows you to analyze the state of the teams more accurately and predict victory. This sport is characterized by high maximum bets, so in betting on international cricket matches and major leagues you can win a lot of money.

2. Kabbadi

Kabbadi is a traditional Indian team game on which you can bet with two outcomes: a draw and a win for a particular team. You can bet on both live games and pre-match.

3. Soccer

Soccer is the most popular game in the world and an equally popular sport in India. Soccer matches are played all year round, making it possible to make big profits by betting on regional matches, world championships, national tournaments and major events.

Soccer is good for betting. Since the bettor can make a more accurate prediction of the outcome of the event due to the availability of a lot of information about clubs, teams, players, their condition, wins and losses.

4. Big tennis

The struggle on the tennis court is interesting because you can bet on both an individual athlete and a team. The tennis section of 1xBet offers more than 200 bets, including on famous tournaments. For example, Roland Garros, Australian Open, Wimbledon Games.

5. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a high-speed sport that allows you to get fast results. In addition, up to 100 events can take place per day, so there is plenty of choice for betting. Studying the athletes' strengths and weaknesses and following their successes it is possible to predict the outcome of the game as accurately as possible.

At 1xBet, a player can bet on a draw, total/under and win in over 400 table tennis matches.

6. Ice Hockey.

Players from India can find many hockey matches in international competitions as well as in local leagues. The bookmaker provides several types of odds: Malaysian, Indonesian, Hong Kong, American and European. Bettor can bet not only on a win or draw, but also on the number of goals scored, the exact score of the game, the effectiveness of periods, as well as many other parameters.

7. Basketball

Basketball is a popular team game that has a dynamic development. That's why it is interesting to watch. The main task of the game is to throw the highest number of balls into the opponent's ring. 1xBet will offer bettors to bet on all international and regional basketball events.

8. Volleyball

This sport is less popular because of the monotonous flow of the game. However, it also has its own fan base. There are only six players on a volleyball team. Therefore, the state of the team is easy to analyze, which makes it easier to predict the outcome of the event.

Volleyball betting is good because it can be done throughout the year, both in major championships and betting on teams in smaller competitions.

9. Baseball

Baseball is similar to cricket in terms of how the game is played. The big advantage of baseball betting is the wide range of outcomes, which allows you to bet not only on wins, but also on specific events and results. Both regional and popular world championships are available at 1xBet.

10. UFC

The outcome of martial arts betting is very well predicted due to the fact that each user can independently assess the level of training of each fighter and his performance. You can bet on regular fights, special events, as well as men's and women's fights.

Other interesting disciplines for 1xBet online betting on sports

We have listed the 10 most popular sports disciplines for betting on sports at the 1xBet betting company. However, in addition to them, the site also presents other equally profitable disciplines that are also of interest to residents of India. These include:

  1. Cybersport is a modern sports discipline that is very popular for betting. Because it is very interesting to follow the competitions of cybersportsmen due to the graphics of modern games and interesting gameplay, as well as special tactics and strategies that are used during the game. The most popular eSports events are League of Legends, CS:GO, DOTA 2, FIFA, Call of Duty, Overwatch and StarCraft. In eSports betting on the outcome of the match (tournament), on the duration of the map and on the total.
  2. Horse racing is a sport with high odds on predictions. A bettor can bet on the victory or defeat of a particular horse, on pairs and fours of horses, as well as many other outcomes. For more accurate prediction users can access the statistics of each race.
  3. Darts is a popular sport in India on which you can place live and pre-match bets. The most popular bets on the site are during darts tournaments (Grand Slam, Premier League, World Grand Prix, World Cup).
  4. Virtual sports are just like regular disciplines, except that the teams and athletes are not real, and the results largely depend on simulation. This is what makes virtual sports interesting to bet on. In the virtual sports section, you can bet on one of the teams or one of the athletes in dozens of disciplines.
  5. Snooker is a kind of billiards loose game with a wide range of international and local events. The user can bet on either the entire team participating in the game or a specific player. To win, a player or team must get more points than the opponent.
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